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Baineng đã hạ cánh mạnh mẽ trong triển lãm trang trí nội thất tùy chỉnh Quảng Châu Trung Quốc lần thứ 11

Source:Baineng  Date:06/24/2022

From June 23th to 25th, 2022

The 11th China Guangzhou Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Center.

The exhibition will bring together 1000+ brands in the industry to bring a feast of ideal home furnishing in the future.

steel base cabinets

As a large-scale industry event held earlier this year, the popularity of the scene today is particularly hot, sounding the clarion call for the recovery of the home furnishing industry in the second half of the year. Baineng, as a new force in the customization of the sub-sector, has dazzled and attracted the attention of the audience and the media. .

steel cabinet for kitchen

Show hard core customization strength

Baineng Home X Master New Products

At this exhibition, Baineng and industry design master Shao Weiyan jointly created the home art boutique, which subverted the industry's traditional cognition of stainless steel home furnishing and demonstrated Baineng's hard-core customization strength.

steel cabinet hardware

The appearance of the Bai Shi series is very creative. A round of bronze artistic arcs like the bright moon serves as the visual focus, attracting people to be in the beautiful mood of "tonight the moon is bright, and I don't know who will fall in autumn"; there are many designs. The ingenious use of arc elements in Chinese culture expresses the philosophical wisdom of Chinese culture of "roundness and dissatisfaction", externalizing open-mindedness and philosophical thinking in the space, inspiring people to find their true self.

steel corner cabinet

The strength of Baineng leads the new trend of aesthetics in the stainless steel home furnishing industry. The unique shape and creativity of the products have attracted many audiences to stop and watch, and the atmosphere of the exhibition hall is very warm.

Media gathering

Online + offline exciting interaction

In this exhibition, Baineng has opened the online live broadcast room of the exhibition, and the whole process is broadcast live in the form of new media live broadcast, so that many audiences who did not come to the scene can also appreciate the grand occasion of the exhibition at close range.

steel outdoor cabinet

Baineng Home Furnishing General Manager Wang Wenchuan and "Dan Ge Said Customization" Douyin anchor Dan Ge jointly broadcast live to introduce Baineng's exhibits. Baineng Home Furnishing Executive Vice President Zhu Kun and Baineng Home Furnishing Brand Director Xia Ximin accepted an exclusive interview with media reporters , introduced Baineng's future development plan and strategic deployment.

stainless cabinet

Customized throughout the year

Stainless steel whole home customization charm is extraordinary

The theme of this year's Guangzhou Custom Exhibition is "customization for the whole year". "Whole home customization" and "package customization" are hot topics in the industry in recent years, reflecting the need for one-stop customization with the awakening of consumers' quality awareness. Higher and higher.

ss cabinet

With the advantages of being healthier, more environmentally friendly and durable, stainless steel furniture has been widely favored by consumers in recent years. Baineng moves with the times and deeply customizes the whole house. At this exhibition, you can see that Baineng's stainless steel cabinets, stainless steel wardrobes, stainless steel TV cabinets, stainless steel wine cabinets and other categories are dazzlingly blooming, leading the era of stainless steel home customization.

Harmonious symbiosis

Interpretation of the concept of green and harmonious living

Baineng always adheres to the concept of green and environmental protection and harmonious living. No matter the design, interior decoration and material application of the pavilion, this concept is interpreted. The green decoration and natural texture give the pavilion a different kind of vitality and vitality.

ss cabinets

Baineng selects 304 stainless steel as the product base material, not only to pursue the healthy properties and durability of the material, but also because the steel can be recycled and reused, which is more environmentally friendly. In the post-epidemic era, with people's increasing requirements for home environmental protection and health, it will usher in a more vigorous development.

Leading the future

Industry 4.0 boosts quality

In 2022, the R&D and production base of Baineng Home Furnishing Intelligent Industry 4.0 will be officially put into operation, and Baineng will usher in broad development opportunities. With the help of Industry 4.0, it will start a wave of digitalization and automation, and become a new engine for the rapid growth of the company.

ss cupboard

At the exhibition site, the audience can learn the latest information and planning of Baineng's future intelligent development, and appreciate the product quality improvement brought by Baineng Industry 4.0 through the products displayed on site.

Create a blue ocean

"4568" dealer support system

At this exhibition, Baineng launched an unprecedented "4568" profit system and targeted assistance policies for all interested dealers, covering support in many aspects such as site selection, design, training, and operation. The multi-dimensional support system creates strong competitiveness and team fighting power of the terminal.

stainless steel kitchen wall cabinets

The excitement is still going on

From June 23 to 25

The 11th China Guangzhou Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition,

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 Waiting for you.

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